The NEW DeltaWave Nasal CPAP Interface

Lighter... Quieter
Easier Breathing... Better Sleep
Fits ALL Major Brand 
    CPAP Machines.

New Improved


Designed for Less Pressure and More Airflow

A Breakthrough CPAP Interface finally designed for Normal Breathing...Better Sleep

Allows Normal Breathing

Does not disrupt normal breathing mechanics, is not claustrophobic.
"A Big Deal if You're Using CPAP"

Easy to use Single Strap

Head Gear for Comfort

Better Ventilation Ports provide more

Air Movement with Less Pressure!

Ultra Flexible Tubing for Better Maneuvering

A NEW Design

The DeltaWave design produces improved air pressure and flow delivering air in a more laminar manner (smoother flow, less turbulence) than traditional CPAP interfaces

The NEW DeltaWave CPAP MASK is Uniquely Different

At first glance,  you may think that the new Patent pending DeltaWave looks like other pillows interfaces, but then you would miss the years in design and development invested into this revolutionary product.


Pillow interfaces have been on the market for many years. A number of companies have improved the look, weight, and noise level, but have ignored the primary challenge. Too much pressure and not enough Airflow.


Patients using CPAP with a Mask or Nasal Pillows Interface may eventually find it difficult to to continue their Therapy.


Some of the reasons:


  • "Uncomfortable to Breathe On"

  • "I wake up in the night and tear my mask off"

  • "I feel claustrophobic"

  • "Mask is not on my face"

  • "Not getting enough air""

  • "I cannot breathe normally"

To address these issues we have utilized fluid dynamics to ensure that every breath you take on the DeltaWave gives you more than adequate air flow to satisfy your demand. This allows You to breathe at your normal respiratory rate. A Significant Advance.

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